The Valtellina Group has built up stable business relations with various major companies, each a leader in its own area of business. These include the main global manufacturers of telecommunications equipments and IT / ICT technology.
The Group believes in the value of constructive dialogue, as demonstrated by the fact that it has various certifications proving the excellence of its operations (installation, management and maintenance).
This is due to the fact that Valtellina has all the necessary technical expertise, constantly kept up-to-date thanks to specific training for its managers, technicians and operators. A skill set that guarantees high performance results for every project.


Over the course of 80 odd years the Valtellina Group has become a reputable concern, with a truly international organisation. Its core business covers strategic sectors such as telecommunications and network systems, meaning Valtellina has important institutional relations in Italy and all the other countries in which it operates.
Industrial, socio-economical and cultural relations are carefully cultivated by the Management and through continuous PR activities.