Technologies and materials

The Valtellina Group is active in many diverse sectors, all made possible by the use and application of technological systems, materials and procedures that favour every aspect of safety. This culture of excellence is promoted and embodied in every company within the Group, all around the world. It is also the result of stable business relations with leading international industrial groups operating in their various fields of advanced technology. The Valtellina Group can draw on its outstandingly broad, yet specialised know-how in the installation, control and maintenance of high quality solutions.



Professional growth and staff training have always been key guiding values for the Valtellina Group. The Group therefore applies the latest development principles to guarantee the overall competence of its team, regardless of the individual role and responsibilities of each member of staff. Moreover, the Group is committed to ensuring safety in the workplace, at all levels and in all its operations around the world. It does this by using strictly controlled protocols, being aware that health and safety is of the utmost importance for both its personnel and each Group company.



The Valtellina Group carefully plans and structures the way its services and production activities are organised. It adopts tried and tested methods and constantly updates its procedures and upgrades the technology it uses. This all makes for precise, accurate planning.
More specifically, the Valtellina Group promotes the assimilation and application of a work culture based on the exact definition of the tasks involved and on the quality and precision of each job. This ensures the maximum efficiency and rational organisation of each project and construction site activity, as well as avoiding wasting resources.
A virtuous scenario applied in every country and territorial area the Group operates in, for a positive identity and excellent market positioning.