Over the course of its history, Valtellina has always been quick to adapt to major evolutions in technology and changes in the TLC market, yet never losing sight of its true identity and its core values. A family-run business, Valtellina has always acted in accordance with its strict guiding principles: professionalism, correctness and dedication to the job. The market recognises its reliability, even when complex logistics and construction sites are involved.

Safety culture stands for one of the most important purpose to whom Valtellina spa has dedicated its work. During its history, the founder family with their societies has confirmed with facts its will in choosing the best for the wellness of its workers and partners. This choice realized by a correct management of the on-the-job injuries (reduced to minimum) and by an inner welfare based on concrete ethical elements.
This policy has applied in every areas in the world where Valtellina spa works, a task adequately organized on each reference socio-economic contexts. In particular, initiatives and investments are incentivized in order to develop a well understandable safety culture conformed in every local areas, choosing subjects that support concrete rules for correct common and individual behaviors.

The reality of Valtellina Spa took place 80 years ago in Italy as a society with a clear vision: co-operate the telecommunication line, energy and networking managers with quality services, based on efficiency and reliability. This task has always been respected with perseverance and developed both in Italy, where Valtellina spa is known as a serious society, and in other countries where Valtellina spa works.

The original values of the mission, always guarded by Valtellina’s family, establish the operating systems with whom the society satisfies every national context. A mission that has given to Valtellina spa the possibility to establish itself quickly and to solidify its reputation in the countries where it works. The experience and the organization reached in 80 years are applied in the various national contexts full feeling the customer expectations, leaders in the main national institutions.